Annual Reviews’ 2020 Subscribe to Open Pilot Program

Richard Gallagher1/27/2021 Annual Reviews included five journals in the 2020 pilot program for Subscribe to Open. The decision on whether to publish the 2020 volumes open access was made just ahead of publication date, when maximum information on subscriptions was available. Our titles have publication dates spread across the year, although much of the contentContinue reading “Annual Reviews’ 2020 Subscribe to Open Pilot Program”

Pandemic Usage Validates S2O Effort

Richard Gallagher12/23/2020 As part of our response to the Covid-19 pandemic, Annual Reviews made all journals available without access control between mid-March and the end of June 2020. This was done to facilitate access by researchers, faculty and students at subscribing institutions. We did no promotion of the removal of the paywall. For 50 ofContinue reading “Pandemic Usage Validates S2O Effort”

S2O CoP Inaugural Blog Post

Publishers and academic libraries share an interest in promoting open access (OA)—free access without use restrictions—to peer reviewed scholarly and scientific journals. Although article processing charges (APCs) have become the prevalent model for funding OA articles, many authors and publishers find APCs unacceptable or unworkable. In many disciplines, especially in the humanities and social sciences,Continue reading “S2O CoP Inaugural Blog Post”